arletta anderson & adam smith

photo by Robbie Sweeny

We are Arletta Anderson & Adam Smith. Making work is a practice of artistic rigor and we strive to bring forth elements of both the mundane and the virtuosic. We look to probe traditional notions of audience and performer, engaging the viewer as an active participant in the happening of the event. We remember the experience on the stage as not far from the experience on the street and the audience an equal contributor to the evolution of a work.


Wrecking (Arletta & Adam)
SEP 17 4PM – 8PM

Facilitated by Christy Funsch, Arletta Anderson and Adam Smith offer their work to be deconstructed and reorganized by Beth Wilmurt, Cid Pearlman and NAKA.

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andersmith co is a fiscally sponsored project of Dancers’ Group.