Good Strong Hands

(World Premiere, March 2018)

A multi-disciplinary study on presence and absence; the ephemeral and material; cats lost in the woods. Arletta Anderson & Adam Smith collaborate with Eric Garcia and Melissa Lewis to deconstruct the ongoing concert between permanence and impermanence.

Inspired by the philosophy of Derrida and the science behind how the brain fills in gaps of information, Good Strong Hands blends personal narrative, humor, and abstraction. The experience of absence is both questioned and celebrated through spoken word, live sound and music, task, and dance.

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photo by Robbie Sweeny

We are Arletta Anderson & Adam Smith. Making work is a practice of artistic rigor and we strive to bring forth elements of both the mundane and the virtuosic. We look to probe traditional notions of audience and performer, engaging the viewer as an active participant in the happening of the event. We remember the experience on the stage as not far from the experience on the street and the audience an equal contributor to the evolution of a work.


“Fugue” with Detour Dance (Arletta)
DEC 1 – 10, 2017

Inspired by a year-long community-based research process into the queer histories of San Francisco streets, Fugue is a foray into cultural amnesia featuring forgotten stories of queers, people of color and long-time SF residents.

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JAN 15, 2018 8PM

Arletta performs with GCDC at Judson Church for Movement Research’s free, high visibility low-tech forum for experimentation, emerging ideas and works-in-progress.

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World Premiere of a New Work (Arletta & Adam)
March 2018

Coming in March, a new evening length work from Arletta, Adam, and several guest performers.

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andersmith co is a fiscally sponsored project of Dancers’ Group.